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Duke Energy
London Hydro
Mountain View Electric Association
Great Lakes
Salt River Project
Clark Public Utilities
Empire District
CF Industries
Hess Corporation
Tanner Electric
Inland Power
Littleton Electric Light Department
City of St. Charles
Fortis Alberta
Homer Electric
Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative
CPS Energy
Salmon River
Dayton Power & Light
Greenwood Utilities
Ergon Energy
Tacoma Power
Hydro One Brampton

Here’s what our customers are saying

  • “We were very impressed with the Novinium process. Their people were knowledgeable and worked efficiently. They identified problems with our terminations we had not recognized and solved them.”
    Melvin Boedecker, Maintenance Supervisor, Terra Industries
  • “It was quick, very cost-effective, and totally solved the problem we wanted to address.”


    Darren Eckhoff, General Manager, Central Missouri Electric
  • “Since August 2007, we’ve treated more than 190,000 feet of crossed-linked polyethylene [XLPE] cables with CableCURE,” “Our high-elevation districts require special splices and terminations. UtilX provides everything needed to get the job done.”
    Paul Davis, Staff Engineer, Intermountain Rural Electric Association
  • “The cable injection process has worked very well, increasing reliability and virtually eliminating failures. We have seen a huge drop in failure rates and a significant decrease in outages due to underground failures. We have about 40% of our industrial and commercial cables underground and many of them are of early 1970’s vintage cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). We were experiencing numerous failures weekly on these direct buried cables. We knew which vintage cables we had placed in the ground and in which areas so we could take a focused approach on problem cables. We went from a state of multiple weekly failures to where we are today with no issues on the injected cables. The cable injection has worked out great.”
    Matt Hegarty, Distribution Engineer, Fairport Municipal Commission
  • “After careful review of all options we felt that the Novinium N-Rex technology was the right choice for our challenging circuit. The experts from Novinium have more personal experience rejuvenating these difficult cables, making this decision easy.”
    Steve Walter, Tanner Electric General Manager
  • “As a result of the positive experience, Homer will include cable injection as an option for further cable rejuvenation on a much wider basis.”
    Kathy McDonough, Manager, Engineering Services, Homer Electric Association (Homer, AK)
  • “Novinium’s speed and adaptability on this job was outstanding. They got 100 percent of our cables injected and put back into service as promised.”
    Donnie Randal, Plant Foreman, IOCHEM, Vici, OK
  • “I was very pleased with Novinium’s dedication to the project. They were able to mobilize several crews out here to make sure it got done. They had good people with good experience both on the 1000 MCM cable that we have and the 500 MCM cable that was involved in the project.”
    Jeff Dahlinghaus, Operations Manager, Dayton Power and Light
  • “I can’t think of any other sustained partnership that SRP has maintained for 15 years! The supervision and long term lead of employees like Mark McClure (Team Leader) have cemented the continuing nature of our relationship. His concern for the safety of his men and their equipment and our assets meets the same level of commitment to safety expected from our own personnel. The follow through and level of importance given to SRP from management is amazing. They always have a sense of urgency in reacting quickly and thoroughly to any concerns we may share with them.”


    Rick Hudson, Engineering Supervisor, Salt River Project
  • “We particularly liked Novinium’s hybrid approach to injection – treat each segment with the injection process that makes the most sense for that segment – since this approach allows for the maximum number of cables to be treated and has the greatest impact on reliability.”
    Wes Robertson, Line Manager, Empire District Electric Company
  • “I would recommend the Novinium rejuvenation process to other utilities, especially if they have older injected cables that are now starting to fail.”
    Nick Lawler, Manager of Operations and Engineering, Littleton Electric Light Department (Littleton, MA)
  • “The cable rejuvenation process has been a Godsend for us. The cost to replace these aging cables would have been astronomical and our capital budget would have had to double if we had to dig them up and replace them.”
    Ed Jambor, Director of Operations, London Hydro
  • “The injection project was completed in about half of the calendar time of previous projects with another vendor. The Novinium process led to a compressed overall time frame, which translated into crew availability for other work.”
    Brendan Lemke, Design Engineer, Saskatoon Light & Power
  • “We’re capitalizing on technology. We didn’t think the original cable would last more than 20 to 25 years, but we’ve gotten 30-plus years from most of these original installations. If we can get 20 or 30 more years by using silicone injection, who knows what technology might be developed by then, and we won’t have to dig up those lines.”
    Steve Gregg, Manager of Operations, LPEA
  • “Novinium has a cleaner process than the one we tried previously — no soak tanks. It is more exact — when you get the fluid out the other end, you are done with the injection. We went with the better product.”
    Rick Leuzinger, Salmon River Electric Cooperative
  • “The Novinium team was very professional and the craft work was excellent. The project stayed on schedule and at the budgeted price.”
    G. R. Patel, Application Electrical Engineer at Hess Corp., NJ
  • “The tools that Novinium has developed for injection are very effective, and their written procedures leave little room for error.”
    Pete Swiatek, Maintenance/Operations Supervisor, Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (AZ)
  • “Our holistic approach to improving the reliability of our aging URD infrastructure has been extremely successful. We’ve restored the addressed population of cable to new, or like-new condition, while essentially eliminating cable failures—at 34 percent of the cost of replacing all of the cable.”
    Stephen Shroba, Senior Distribution Engineer, St. Charles Municipal Electric Utility

A Profile of Novinium

Safe Work Practices

Safety is a core value at Novinium. Our Health and Safety programs have earned us one of the best safety records in the industry and have received acclaim from customers, industry associations, and safety organizations. Our proven safety record translates into peace of mind, reduced risk, and lower costs for our customers.


Peace of Mind

Our proven safety record translates into peace of mind.


Reduced Risk

Our proven safety record translates into reduced risk.


Lower Costs

Our proven safety record translates into lower costs.