Our Services

Our mission is to improve the electrical industry’s aging underground infrastructure through innovative turn-key solutions.

  • Cable Rejuvenation 
  • Cable Replacement
  • Secondary Service Injection 
  • Specialty Services 
  • Cable Assessment 
  • Transformer Change-Outs
  • Comprehensive Data Tracking 
  • Overhead to Underground Conversion 
  • End-to-End Project Management 

Novinium is the only full-service underground power expert that partners with utility companies to keep their networks operating at peak performance, using the most advanced, capital efficient, environmentally friendly methods available. Novinium has continued to advance cable rejuvenation technology, methods, and delivery through its signature CableCure service.

The company complements its industry-leading expertise in rejuvenation with a range of service offerings including cable assessment, repair and replacement, transformer change-outs, overhead to underground conversion, specialty services, secondary cable life extension, comprehensive data tracking, and end-to-end project management to help utilities of all sizes manage system reliability targets and complex technical challenges efficiently.

Novinium is committed to minimizing downtime and disruption for utilities and their customers, while protecting people and precious natural resources. The company’s revolutionary methods offer notable environmental benefits—every mile of cable treated mitigates the equivalent of up to 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide—while saving utilities millions of dollars on cable replacement and helping them significantly improve the overall reliability of their networks.

Recognized for its specialized scientific knowledge, advanced materials, expert craftwork, and rigorous approach to safety. Novinium continues to champion ways to keep power flowing to those who depend on it.

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