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Bait & Switch

Dear Triple-D (Deceptive Denizen of the Deep),

Whenever there is a competitive bid, you guys bid your Perficio™ 011 fluid against my CableCURE®/XL fluid.  Then after you win – and you almost always do – I find out that you don’t even supply Perficio fluid.  Aren’t you guilty of baiting and switching?  Won’t you start playing fair? Don’t you feel badly offering an inferior product?


Dear SwitX-

The only thing that is triple-D on this girl is my belly! Deceptive and Frog don’t rhyme or alliterate for a good reason.

You should write more often. I love hearing from my competitor, but a little more civil tone would be appreciated. A great number of my newest friends used to work for your firm, so I know you work with some great folks. Check the non-compete portion of your employment agreement – we are hiring! Only the best, brightest, and nicest are welcome here though.

And we are the epitome of fairness. There are no secret handshakes. Novinium fluids and processes are all unambiguously documented on our web site. Can you say the same? The “inferior” word is a bit of a low blow. The Latin word “Perficio” means perfected, and Perficio 011 fluid is the perfection of the two-decade-old technology practiced by your colleagues. The formulation is dominated (over 90%) by the same monomer that dominates (over 90%) CableCURE/XL fluid.  However, Perficio 011 fluid is not flammable and, thanks to patented catalyst technology (7,700,871), soak periods are not required to enjoy similar medium term life extension performance. Perficio 011 fluid provides a safer, faster, and better circuit owner experience than the two-decade old technology against which it is typically pitted in a bid environment.

Perficio 011 fluid is, however, “inferior” in one sense.  It is inferior to Ultrinium™ brand fluids. Ultrinium fluids enjoy all of the benefits of Perficio fluid together with a host of performance advantages too numerous to mention. To explore those other performance advantages, start with my January 3, 2011 post on “Catalytic Considerations.”

For almost all of the bids that we earn with superior Perficio 011 fluid, our circuit owner customers choose to upgrade their technology from Perficio fluid to Ultrinium fluid. They do this, because although Perficio is superior to the two-decade-old approach, Ultrinium is safer, faster, and better still! Perficio is less costly (on a first cost basis) than Ultrinium technology for two basic reasons. First the fluid itself costs less, because the monomer, which makes up over 90% of the formulation, is made in high volumes for dozens of commercial applications – high volume means lower price. Second, the relatively small size of the monomer means its viscosity is lower, and hence the time required to inject is less than with the more advanced Ultrinium fluids. Lower injection times yield lower labor cost. The incrementally higher first cost of Ultrinium technology is easily justified by circuit owners because of its longer life.

Finally, I sleep well at night, because my circuit owner friends make the rules of the game. You and I play by their rules. If a circuit owner desires a bid for the lowest price with the technologically lowest common denominator, we have an obligation to provide that option. We don’t recommend it, but we are happy to supply it.  Our view is that when it comes to rejuvenation choices, circuit owners have three … a good choice, a better choice, and a best choice:

Good – Two-decade-old technology invented by Novinium founders.

Better – The perfection of the “good” choice is not flammable and does not require a soak period.

Best – Ultrinium 73X technology, which is tailored to each individual circuit and utilizes molecules designed from scratch for cable rejuvenation.


Don’t Wait to Switch,

T. B. Frog

CableCURE is a registered trademark of UtilX Corporation.

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