Products & Services

Novinium and its employees have dedicated over 27 years to creating new technologies that improve reliability. The unique products and services that we offer have changed the way that companies approach their aging infrastructure.

Cable Rejuvenation

Cable rejuvenation is the injection of a silicone fluid into the strands of your aging medium-voltage power cable. The fluid migrates into the conductor shield and insulation, modifying the insulation’s chemistry and extending cable life. Your cable returns to its full dielectric strength within as little as seven days. Services involve: Project management, Customer notification, cable switching, grounding, TDR testing, removing terminations, cable injection, installing new terminations, restoring power.

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Equipment Replacement & Repair

Maintaining your distribution equipment is a vital strategy for system reliability. Novinium is your first choice for equipment replacement and repair, including replacing and repairing cable, transformers, bushings, lightning arresters, switchgear, and more. We can address every aspect of your underground system to improve your reliability within your specific maintenance strategy.

Circuit & Equipment Evaluation

Developing a comprehensive asset management strategy requires in-depth data regarding underground distribution systems. Novinium performs services that support their craftwork and contribute to ongoing data collection. Just some of these services include concentric neutral condition evaluation; splice location and marking, GIS map evaluation, selection, and verification; relabeling and retagging; next-day reporting.