Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRIs)


This is what we do and how we do it. No secret handshakes; just simple, easy-to-follow instructions. To view a Novinium Rejuvenation Instruction (NRI) within your browser, click the hyperlink under each photo. If there is no hyperlink, the NRI is only available within the Knomentous portal. The NRI’s are continually updated to comply with regulatory changes, and to incorporate technological and procedural improvements. It is best not to rely upon printed copies of any given NRI to be up-to-date. Always check to ensure that the most current version of a particular NRI is being used before beginning work.

Novinium Acronyms & Definitions


A glossary of Novinium acronyms

General Safety

Electrical and General safety procedures.
Alberta, Canada
British Columbia, Canada

Impulse Phaser

Operating instructions for the use of the Timco Instruments Impulse Phaser.

Visual Inspection and Measurement

Instructions for Inspection and Measurement of Power Cables.

Bending Radius Template


Print this handy template, laminate with 5 mil plastic, and trim to size.

TDR and RF Locating

Instructions to use the TDR (time-domain reflectometer) and RF (radio frequency) location to pinpoint splices and neutral corrosion.

Tailored Formulation™ & Tailored Pressure™


Describes the patented method to make optimized fluid formulation and sustained pressure choices

Cable Table


This table provides detailed cable geometry data and tailored injection pressure (TIP).

Swage & Crimp Die Table


Useful charts for selecting swage and crimp dies.

IA Reference Table


This table shows Novinium’s Injection Adaptors (IAs) for reference and selection for cables and components.

N-Ter™ Technology

Describes the methods of Novinium Thermally Enhanced Rejuvenation which allows precise tailored quantities of Perficio™ brand and Ultrinium™ brand fluids to be delivered to cables.

IA Installation – Connector Replacement & Strand Preparation

Instructions to replace existing compression connectors and prepare conductor strands on all components in preparation for injection adaptor (IA) installation.

IA Installation – Dead-front Termination

Instructions to install patented injection adaptors in all dead-front terminations and splices where unidirectional injection is required.

IA Installation – Dead-front Splices

Instructions to install patented injection adaptors in splices where bidirectional or flow-through injection is required.

Improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation Splice Installation

Instructions to prepare and install molded splices for improved unsustained pressure injection.

Live-Front Termination Preparation

Instructions for preparation and installation of components for Sustained Pressure (SPR) or Unsustained Pressure (UPR) injection on Live-Front terminations

Injection Elbow – Installation & Operating Instructions (15kV-25kV)

Instruction to install and operate Novinium proprietary 15kV injection elbows for unsustained pressure injection.

NRI 39: Connector Modification

Instructions for modifying electrical connectors for use with patented Injection Adapters (IAs)

IT Installation & Removal

Instructions to install and remove the injection tool (IT) from cable injection adaptors.

IT Maintenance

Instructions to make minor field repairs to the Injection Tool.

Quick Disconnect Injection Tool

Instructions for Quick Disconnect Injection Tool & Live Front Access Interface Installation & Removal

Live-Front Access Interface

Instructions for Live Front Access Interface (LFAI) Installation & Removal

Flow & Pressure Testing

Instructions to determine the pneumatic resistance to flow of cables and cable terminations and confirm leak-free operation.

Tailored Injection™

Instructions to inject cables with patented and patent pending Novinium technology.

Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation

Instructions to inject cables with patented and patent pending sustained pressure injection technology for optimum post-injection reliability.

Improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation

Instructions to inject cables with patented and patent pending improved unsustained pressure injection technology for second-best post-injection reliability for cases where sustained pressure is not practical.

Tailored Injection (N-Rex™)

Instructions to inject very long cable segments such as submarine cables with patented and patent pending Novinium technology

Troubleshooting Cable Flow

Instructions to address flow issues in cables, terminators, and splices.

Operation and Maintenance: Tanks and CO2

Instructions Operations and Maintenance of Novinium Injection Reciever and CO2 tanks.

Neutral Corrosion Repair

Instructions to correct and mitigate neutral corrosion.

Novinium Injection Tracking System

User instructions for entering, maintaining and accessing data in the Knomentous system.
Available within knomentous portal

Failure Sample Handling

Instructions for obtaining a failure sample of a Novinium treated cable.

Field Verification Checklist

Instructions for verifying the safety and quality of Novinium brand services and products.

Available within knomentous portal

Cutting a Treated Cable

Instructions for the unusual case where it is necessary to cut a Novinium treated cable.